Japanese interior design ideas

Items to Use In Japanese Interior Design Ideas

Japanese style has become one of the most popular Asian designs. It has simple but elegant design, which makes it different from other interior design. You could feel the balance even when you see contras color that used in this design. The natural style that used on this design also brings peace to everyone in the house so you would be more comfortable staying in the room. To create Japanese interior design ideas you could place many items inside the room, which usually used by the Japanese themselves.Japanese interior design ideas

Things that should be available in Japanese design

Furniture: for the style they usually use furniture that has been lowered. For example the table should be lowered on the floor so you could sit around it using pillows that you place on the floor, add decoration by placing classic Japanese teapot on the middle of the table. You could place this table for dining or for coffee table in your living room, if you want to create the table yourself you just need to cut the legs of your old table. For bedroom if you still want to use bed frame then it should also in low size on the floor without any legs.

Rice paper screens: on traditional Japanese house, they would use rice paper screen to separate the rooms and for sliding doors. For your modern house that uses Japanese interior design ideas, you could also apply this style as the shape of your room divider to create two areas inside your room. Purchase bamboo or wood frame then add rice paper or other paper with the same appearance. If you have larger room, you could also recreate the sliding door in the middle of the room to separate the room in half, but still open the door so the room would not appear smaller.

Japanese interior design ideas1

Tatami mats: the floor on traditional Japanese house is made from tatami mats. The best thing about these mats is they do not get as much dirt as rug or carpet so it would be safer for you who has dust allergy. It would be better if you could cover the entire room if you want to get the traditional feeling, however you need to carefully plan the room layout before doing so. For more modern house you do not need to apply the tatami mats on the whole floor, just purchase small thin tatami and used it to replace your rugs to create area inside the room.

Futon beds: if you would be all right using bed that does not have any frame, then you could use the futon bed inside your bedroom. Most Japanese people still used futon beds until today even in their modern house. The best thing about this bed is you could roll up the bed after use so you could store it inside the closet. That is why this bed is the best option for you who has small size bedroom that uses Japanese interior design ideas.

2015 Jeep Wrangler Sundancer1

2015 Jeep Wrangler Sundancer Concept

2015 Jeep Wrangler Sundancer is latest version of Jeep Wrangler that you can find in the auto market soon. Most people like with Jeep Wrangler because of the tough and strong exterior design and also the interior design of this car. Jeep Wrangler is called as one of best products from Jeep and the popularity of Jeep Wrangler is increased time to time. Because of popularity of this car, Jeep tries to give better concept for new Jeep Wrangler. We can see better features, engine system and some other things in new Jeep Wrangler. New Jeep Wrangler is made in order to fulfill people’s demand of better car in this modern time. So, what you will get in this new Jeep Wrangler Sundancer? In some forums people are discussing about this car and they try to predict all things about this new Jeep Wrangler Sundancer and you can get information about this car here.2015 Jeep Wrangler Sundancer1

2015 Jeep Wrangler Sundancer Exterior and Interior Design

First of all we need to take a look at the design of this 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sundancer. New Jeep Wrangler Sundancer will be made in better design when we compare with previous version. You will get sophisticated car from Jeep. New Jeep Wrangler Sundancer will be made with better exterior paint by using tri coat Chocolate Brown Metallic and there is gold accent to make it looks luxurious. You will not only feel happy when see the new paint color for the exterior of this car. You will get some other changes in the exterior of this car such as the bumper. You will get better design of bumper with golden bronze accent. There is better design of LED lighting too that we can see in this new Jeep Wrangler. All exterior features and designs really attract people to buy this new Jeep Wrangler. We can see wheel that polished with gold insert too. There is unique aluminum fender badge that we can find in this car. How about the interior of this car then? You can also check the interior design information below.

New Jeep Wrangler Sundancer is made with very good interior design too. You will get sophisticated interior design. All people will love to stay inside this car because there is exclusive Berry Baltique leather wrapped for all seats. The design of door panel, upper instrument panel and all things are great too with leather wrapped. The steering wheel, center console lid and other parts in this car will make you really love to drive this car although for long time. The cabin of this car is made to give comfort for all passengers and also driver. You can search the detail look of interior of this car from some sources and you can see the masculine interior design too from this car. There are some high technology features that will be added to this new Jeep Wrangler such as audio system, entertainment system, and navigation with large touchscreen display. Unfortunately, we don’t get clear and detail information about all features that will be added and Jeep Wrangler Sundancer will be sold in different price too based on the model and also the features that we want. We can also find better engine system that will produce bigger speed and power. Now, it is time for you to check engine system of this car. It is important to check the engine system of this car because we will know the real performance of this car.

2015 Jeep Wrangler Sundancer Engine System

New 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sundancer is made as strong Jeep Wrangler for all types of road. That is why this car will be made with better engine system. According to some sources that discussed about this car, new Jeep Wrangler Sundancer will be made with two types of engine system. You can choose one that you like. First this car will use 3.6L with V6 Pentastar gasoline engine system. This engine system is powerful engine system that helps you to reach your destination in fast time and with big power. Second, you can choose to use 3.0 with V6 engine system when you like with smaller engine and you want to get smaller power from this car. Although it produces smaller power, both of the engine systems are great engine system for you. Most people say that you can reach your first 60 mph only with 8.4 seconds when you drive with this car and this car can produce at least 260 HP and also 237 lb ft. How about top speed when you drive this car? You can reach your top speed at 135 mph. You should not choose other car again because this car will become the best car to choose in this modern time. Now, you must know when this car will be sold in the auto market. 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sundancer

There is no detail information about the release date of this car but people think that Jeep will show this new Jeep Wrangler Sundancer in the New York Auto Show soon and for all people who are living in China, people can see this car in Beijing Auto Show too. As we know today China is big country with fast development in economy and business. It is great market for all cars because most people need best quality of cars too. You who like to buy this car need to be patient to wait this car come to your country.

Most people predict that this car will be sold in the market in the end of this year or in the early of next year. It means you must read some car reviews to get clear information when this car will come to your country. How much money that you need to buy this car? When we talk about price of this car, you never need to feel suffer with higher price. This car will be sold in similar price with previous Jeep Wrangler. Jeep will sell this car around $40,000 and you can check the detail pictures of this car from some sources. You can also access official site of Jeep to know all latest products from Jeep including this 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sundancer.

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